Going to the Chapel

Going to the Chapel, Damian and Claire’s wedding on the 5th of December 2014. What a great time every body had. Such a lovely couple we wish them all the best. Just a short movie and a few snaps. I asked for their permission to put a few on-line. The movie is 4 minutes long but there will be an hour long version delivered to the couple on their return to Ireland. I would just like to thank everybody for letting me film them. It was great fun.

Watch the short video below

Going to the Chapel

Going to the Chapel



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Pop-Up Boutique

Pop-Up Boutique held in the Sarah Walker Gallery in Castletownbere. The fashion show was organised by Annalene Rowland. I think all that went along had a great time. Not my usual Balooz type post but good fun never the less. Annalene was extremely grateful to all the people who came along. She was also very well supported by her friends that modelled for her. Far from easy to put yourself on the cat walk I imagine.

Watch the video here

Pop-Up Boutique

pop-up boutique

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Cast a Spell Allihies

Cast a Spell Allihies is a short video made up of many clips taken over the last 24 months.

Watch the video

The films were all shot on DSLR and put together by Balooz as a promotional visual tool for Allihies. If anybody wants a video made for whatever purpose please get in touch for a chat.

The song was written and performed by Pat Higgins and recorded at shotgun studios. Many thanks to Pat for giving his permission to use the track.

Full version now on line 10-11-2014 click here

Cast a Spell Allihies

cast a spell allihies

Previous example of a video made by Balooz

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