Day nine I stopped using toilet paper

Once I arrived in Rajasthan in the lovely town of Bundi I got to the cheapest hotel of my whole trip. 230 Rupees a night, with shared toilet. For some reason in my room on the beach there was a roll of toilet paper so I just kept using it, but now here in “real India” the paper was no longer supplied and I had to go kack handed just like the 1.3 billion indians do. There’s a lot to be said for it much easier on the bottom for a start 😉

Day nine I stopped using toilet paper

So I spent four fantastic days in Bundi, rented a bike and went cycling around and just had such a nice time. It was much colder this far north though so by the time the sun went down it was polar jacket and a few layers to keep warm and a nice thick blanket on the bed.

Bundi town in 60 Seconds

Watch my cycle around Bundi video below

Bunty’s Ringo Star Restaurant

Bunty was a really nice guy, so I shot this video of him for the fun of it and put it on-line in the hope that it would create a bit of business for him. In the end I did a few videos for people and they were all just so happy about it, it was very gratifying.

Bundi in Sixty Seconds part II

How to wrap a Samosa

After Bundi I had a long day training it to Udaipur via Chitoirgarh

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India 2019 Lifes a beach well almost

The first nine days in India I relaxed on my favourite beach in the whole wide world, well at least the favourite one that I have actually been to. I don’t actually like spending time on beaches, unless as in a life gone by, it’s as a base for scuba diving. However Gokarna is different and I am happy to spend time here. Possibly, as it is easy to walk into the village and have a change of scene or quite simply as it is such a chilled out place.

Watch a short film showing Gokarna, here


I did not do much filming or photography, I was just adjusting to being back in India, and after my time in Gokarna I booked a 22 hour train journey to take me North to the state of Rajasthan.

Watch a film of the 22 hour train journey here below

India 2019 Lifes a beach well almost

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