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Events that happen in and around the Beara Peninsula

Garnish GAA Dinner Dance

Garnish GAA Dinner Dance was held on the 28 th of December in the Allihies Community hall. A great turnout attended the event to celebrate the year in style.

Garnish GAA Dinner Dance

If anybody wants an original file just get in touch with me and we can sort that out. Alternatively I can get them printed in Bantry and delivered to Allihies. The images on this site have all been reduced in size, as that is the way the Internet works.

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Rivermouth Paula Gomez

Rivermouth Paula Gomez  released at the High Tide Club, Sarah Walker Gallery in Castletownbere. The song came from a poem by Paula Meehan arranged by Tim Goulding. There was a great turn out with the musicians coming from all over Ireland to play this first public showing of the new song.

Watch the video of Rivermouth Paula Gomez here

Rivermouth Paula Gomez

The video shoot was very quick with about four hours to capture the musicians and record some clips whilst Tim and Paula were practising.

Rivermouth Paula Gomez

Here is another video of Paula singing Body and Mind with Stephen Housden on guitar, a lovely song.

Watch Paula Gomez – Body and Mind

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Going to the Chapel

Going to the Chapel, Damian and Claire’s wedding on the 5th of December 2014. What a great time every body had. Such a lovely couple we wish them all the best. Just a short movie and a few snaps. I asked for their permission to put a few on-line. The movie is 4 minutes long but there will be an hour long version delivered to the couple on their return to Ireland. I would just like to thank everybody for letting me film them. It was great fun.

Watch the short video below

Going to the Chapel

Going to the Chapel



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