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Cahermore Silage 2019

Cahermore Silage 2019 working away at the silage that crazy time of year is upon us. I went out in the morning for the shots of the grass cut laying in the fields. Then in the evening back for some shots of the lads collecting and baling.

Watch a short video here below

Cahermore Silage 2019

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Beara Sheep Shearing

Beara Sheep Shearing at Ballinacarriga at the farm of PJ “Phàdraig” O’Sullivan on the very end of the Beara Peninsula overlooking Dursey Island. PJ got a sheep shearing team in for the day and got all of his sheep done in one go. This is the second film in the new series of “Beara Paople and Places” and again there was no acting. The filming was done on the go, no stopping the action for special shots.

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Watch a Short film of the Shearing here, enjoy

Beara Sheep Shearing

This film is shot close to the Lehanmore Community Centre

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Silage West Cork

Silage West Cork with Brian Manus cutting and bailing in a lovely setting at Allihies on the Beara Peninsula of West, Cork Ireland. This field is traditionally the first cut every season in Allihies, the start of the mad season…

Watch Brian doing his stuff here, even better stream it to your HD TV

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Silage West Cork

silae west cork

silage west cork

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