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Balooz make films, mostly for free but we want to make more and if you have a need for a promotional type film or an event type film get in touch and we will make one for you.

Apart but Together – Pat Higgins

Pat Higgins and his usual suspects got together remotely, to record this song that he had written for the Front Line Workers. They managed it with the barest of technical equipment.
Pat says, wherever you are in this world if you appreciate the song, and the effort of front line workers please donate to your local frontline charity.
Song Written and sung by Pat Higgins, with Ecki Krupp, Marc O’Hare, Ladina Jeisy, Marc Jeisy and Kate Higgins.

Watch the video here below

Apart but Together – Pat Higgins


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Barmer Wedding Rajasthan

Barmer Wedding Rajasthan in India,
We got an invite indirectly from our good friend Santosh. So we travelled together a few kilometers to attend the wedding of Pankaj and Dimpy. A great day and night was had, thanks.

Watch the full version of the film below

Barmer Wedding Rajasthan

The order is all messed up, sorry 

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Not Romeo and Juliet Pantomime

Not Romeo and Juliet Pantomime, Lehanmore 2019 took place over four nights in December 2019, a great fun show for all the family. Written by Billy Griffin and Carina McNally.
The seventh year running the pantomime has taken place and as always it was great fun and well attended each night, thanks.

Watch a short version of the Pantomime here

Watch a Video of Behind the scenes here below

Watch the full “Not Romeo and Juliet” Pantomime below 75 Minutes

Watch the “Matchmaker of Bere Island” kids show below 30 minutes

Not Romeo and Juliet Pantomime

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