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Bikaner and the Rats

One of two places that we visited that I had never been to before, it was nice to discover a new town and a very interesting place it was too, with a Cow hospital and Rat temple, lots to do and see.

Jodhpur to Bikaner travel

Streets of Bikaner

Look up Bikaner the Havelis

Bikaner in 360

Deshnok Rat temple

Raag in the Temple, amazing singer

Shanti Guest House Bikaner

Bikaner and the Rats

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Looking for Jodhpurs

After nine days in Pushkar I was looking for some adventure so I decided to head off to Jodhpur. Last time I was there was 8 years previously on my birthday. Jodhpur is a lovely busy town with plenty to do and see.

Watch the video of my trip to Jodhpur

The first day in Jodhpur looking around

Found this Locksmith who has one of the tiniest shops ever

If you eat meat you should be prepared to kill it, or at least see how it is killed, not nice but real

Last day in Jodhpur before heading off to Bikaner

I also managed to do another 29 year photo gap….

Same barber same shop same me, well almost.

Looking for Jodhpurs

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Shanti in Pushkar

March the first came along and Nadette flew into India, So train from Udaipur to Ajmer and then a quick taxi to Pushkar for nine days of pure relaxation. Well I did a lot of walking and went for a cycle too.

Pushkar is a holy place where the atmosphere by Indian standards is very relaxed “Shanti Shanti”

From Udaipur to Pushkar, 60 Seconds

Day one in Pushkar, Shaunagh and Tom were with us too

Day 2 in Pushkar, 60 seconds

Day 3 in Pushkar, 60 seconds

Karnimaa Restaurant for a lunch of Paneer Butter Masala, Yum

Om Pushkar Cafe, great chai from old friends of ours

Tom and Shaunagh’s last day

Day 6 in Pushkar, 60 seconds

Day 7 in Pushkar, 60 seconds

We got some stamps made by this very talented guy

Getting a beer in Pushkar

Shanti in Pushkar

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