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Reentrisk is a wild part of the Beara peninsula, very rugged coastline countryside. Here lots of photos and photography of the region.

Reentrisk Aerial

Reentrisk Aerial shot with a DJI Phantom 3. February 1st 2017. Passing some time and emptying the battery. I need to send off the controller unit as it has started to fall apart. Poor show really as I have not used the drone that much in the year I have owned it. It needs to be taken apart and fixed as buttons are falling off and it no longer switches on.

Reentrisk Aerial

Reentrisk Aerial

Watch a short film of the controller unit here

Since I put this film together the unit has started to split in half and the controller no longer starts….

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Dooneen Copper Mine

Dooneen Copper Mine on the Beara Peninsula near the picturesque village of Allihies. It was the first of the copper mines to open up in the area in the early 19th century. Here is a little video I made to practice my video making skills. Promoting Beara and getting people to make it as far as here….

Watch the short video about the Dooneen Copper Mine Below

This video was shot on a zero budget.

Dooneen Copper Mine

dooneen copper mine





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Allihies Ireland

Allihies Ireland, let it “Cast a Spell” on you. A song by Pat Higgins which he recorded at shotgun studios Reentrisk, Beara Co. Cork.

This is the full length video of Pat’s song about Allihies Ireland made after the huge success of the popular short version. There are twice as many video clips on this version so watch it until the end and you might see your self. I can name about 80 people in the video, but there are many more.

Watch the full length version of “Cast a Spell”

Allihies Ireland

As can be seen in the video Allihies is a fantastic place to come and stay. Plenty of options for accommodation and food. As well a huge range of activities from the easy going walk to extreme sports.

This film was shot by and produced by

allihies ireland

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