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Operation Transformation

Operation Transformation Lehanmore Community Centre. It’s all over and a great success it was too. Sponsored by Supervalu Castletownbere. Attended by over 20 people from around the area. Braving storms and dark nights to exercise 3 nights a week in the middle of a bleak winter.

The crew lost a total of 8 and a half stone over the eight week period, but possibly and more importantly “transformed” their lifestyle…

Operation Transformation

Watch a short video of the eight weeks here

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Garnish Bride

Garnish Bride the Lehanmore Community Centre Pantomime of 2014. A great bit of fun for the Christmas period, fully sold out on four nights. Billy Griffin wrote the script with help from Carina Jeisy.

Practising every week since the month of October, all the actors had a great time and the elves enjoyed themselves too. I wonder what we can do to top this in 2015…

Watch a shorter version of the Pantomime here. “Garnish Bride”

Garnish Bride



































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Crows Head Crossing

Crows Head Crossing, re-enacting the crossing of the 60’s that Tadhg Roger O’Sullivan used to do to put sheep on to graze the 8 acres of grass on the island at the end of Crows head. The Lehanmore Community Centre had the idea to commemorate the crossing and contacted Kerry Mountain rescue team to see if they would like to help. They in turn asked the Castletownbere Coast Guard and RNLI to come along and make it a joint effort. The Kerry Mountain Rescue team did a great job setting up the “cables” and four or five people were taken across and back again. A large crowd turned up to watch and fun was had by all. The evening talk in the Community centre was very entertaining. I would just like to say thanks to all concerned and especially Lehanomre Community Centre and its team who pushed it on.

Crows Head Crossing

Crows Head Crossing
Launching the boat from Garnish Pier

















Watch a short cable crossing video:













Watch a short cable tensioning video here:



















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