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Allihies Mines Collapse

Allihies Mines Collapse a hole appeared overnight on a field which was only being worked on recently with tractor driving all over it. This hole could swallow up a few tractors. The Allihies Mines were opened in the early 18th century. There are lots of underground passage ways in the area after extensive mining in the 19th century. For a few years Allihies was the worlds largest supplier of copper ore.

The land owners have put up warnings and all access to the private field is strictly forbidden.

warning-sign -hole

Watch a short video here of the hole….

Allihies Mines Collapse

allihies mines collapse

allihies mines collapse

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Dooneen Copper Mine

Dooneen Copper Mine on the Beara Peninsula near the picturesque village of Allihies. It was the first of the copper mines to open up in the area in the early 19th century. Here is a little video I made to practice my video making skills. Promoting Beara and getting people to make it as far as here….

Watch the short video about the Dooneen Copper Mine Below

This video was shot on a zero budget.

Dooneen Copper Mine

dooneen copper mine





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Sea Kayak Dooneen

Sea Kayak Dooneen today with Nadette, the photos were taken with an old Casio compact in a dive box and the lens often had salt water on it. Dooneen was the site of the first of the Allihies Copper Mines and it opened in 1812. The tunnels are visible right down to sea level and it must of been a hell of a place to work in anything other than good weather.

The kayaking is easy to Dooneen and safe enough for most paddlers with average ability. When your done you can head into the village for a pint at O’Neills bar and restaurant and enjoy a nice meal.

Sea Kayak Dooneen

Sea Kayak Dooneen









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