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Mikado Pantomime Lehanmore

Mikado Pantomime Lehanmore Community Centre a Great Success. Script by Bill Griffin and further editing by Carina Mc Nally. Four nights of fun were had by the audience. The fourth year in succession that the panto has taken place. This year the sets, costumes and make up just seemed to be even better than the previous year. Also the children played a larger role and were outstanding. Thanks to Billy, Carina and Nadette for all their hard work. Also this year we were delighted to have Sarah Dornbush doing the sound and prompting which made it all a little easier for us, unseen here…..

On the fourth night there was some trouble with the fuse board, luckily with not much time to spare Aidan fixed it for us.

Watch the Shorter version here with some new clips

The video is the full length pantomime.

Watch the full Mikado Pantomime Lehanmore here

Mikado Pantomime Lehanmore

Mikado pantomime lehanmore

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Lehanmore Pantomime Una and Her Technicolour Guna

Lehanmore Pantomime Una and Her Technicolour Guna is all over after four sold out shows. The Panto was written jointly by Bill Griffin and Carina Mc Nally. As they would say themselves, by the time the show goes on stage a lot of extra material has been added. This makes for a hilarious experience with lines being changed each night depending who is in the audience and what is in the news that week.

Short Video now on-line for a bit of fun…

Lehanmore Pantomime Una and Her Technicolour Guna















































Lehanmore Pantomime Una and Her Technicolour Guna

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Garnish Bride

Garnish Bride the Lehanmore Community Centre Pantomime of 2014. A great bit of fun for the Christmas period, fully sold out on four nights. Billy Griffin wrote the script with help from Carina Jeisy.

Practising every week since the month of October, all the actors had a great time and the elves enjoyed themselves too. I wonder what we can do to top this in 2015…

Watch a shorter version of the Pantomime here. “Garnish Bride”

Garnish Bride



































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