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Garnish GAA

Garnish GAA – dinner dance and award ceremony, a great evening was had by all. Here are all of the images from last night the team shots, awards shots and general shots.

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Garnish GAA

The youtube video is also available here

Garnish GAA

The team Shots.

Garnish GAA awards shots

General shots in the evening.

The team had a great year winning the Junior A championships.

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Cinder-Eile Lehanmore

What a fantastic experience to share with my fellow actors. Some scenes from the panto at Lehanmore. The first of many more to come over the following years. The community enjoyed the laughs that were had.

Cinder-Eile Lehanmore

Cinder-Eile Lehanmore

It’s all over now, I think there is a good chance that something else will happen for the next Panto season 2014…

Lehanmore is out there on the edge of the world, the furthest you can get from Dublin and still be on the mainland.

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