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Gond Art exhibition in the 8 Cows Gallery, Allihies

Gond Art exhibition in the 8 Cows Gallery, Allihies, when two small rural villages create a link amazing things can happen. Nadette came across the Gond Tribe people in the village of Patangarh a few years ago and since then has been helping them to maintain their way of life by buying art from them and then selling it on again in Ireland. All money made outside of mounts, frames delivery is then  sent to India. The opening of the show was done by Cormac Boydell.

Watch the opening here below

This year in February 2023 Nadette visited the village for the third time and the first since Covid, the villagers were very happy to see her and below is a film of that visit.

Please call in any day from now until the 5 June between 1300 and 1800 to see the exhibition of unique art from India.

Gond Art exhibition in the 8 Cows Gallery, Allihies

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India one month in

India one month in so far. Started in Mumbai where Nadette and I split up. Nadette went down to Kochi. I had a problem with my eyesite, which is a fairly common complication after cataract operations. I had cataracts 4 years ago and they both went blurry. I tried to get this fixed at home, this is a simple one minute procedure, but in Ireland the waiting list is months long, even if I paid 1850€ to have it done privatley. Of course this was not possible, I already had my flight booked to Mumbai. I googled the procedure in India and had it done on day two of my visit for a total price for both eyes of 101€…..

Yag Capsulotomy Procedure, in India with the help of eyesolutions.in

I don’t know what is going wrong in Ireland, a qualified person could do ten people a day (with plenty of time to spare), that’s 18500 euro a day, but even at that money it is impossible to get an appointment….

So far I have been to Palolem in Goa, Gokarna in Karnataka, Benaulim in Goa, Mumbai twice, Delhi and I am currently in Varanasi, the holiest of Indian cities.

The whole trip is paid for by the saving I made on the eye procedure….

A film of a trip on the Ganges in Varanasi to see the sunrise

India one month in


Thanks to Emi for the quick loan of her laptop to make this post