16 November Spin

Today I decided to stay again in the town of Tarfaoute, which eneabled me to do a circuit of 225KM without my bags, this took me 6 hours with a few drink stops. Tarfaoute to Tioulit to Tanait to Tighimi to Tiffermit and back to Tarfaoute.

There is nothing Anti about the Anti Atlas it is breathtaking and even now in mid November the temperature afternoon is in the 30’s.

The roads are virtually empty and the scenery is always breath taking. I ended up after a suggestion from Paul BHT at the painted rocks.

The Quad lock wireless charger is proving unreliable. But everything else is good. I am now wondering which way to go, head further south and visit for a day the Western Sahara, or chill out a bit and start heading for the coast…..


Spin in Morocco

Spin in Morocco, well today when I woke up after my second night in Boumalne, I really did not feel like moving on. So after a chat with Yidir a local guy I made a plan to ride from Boumalne around a loop which included a long section of off road.

This was the first section of the day, and it was fantastic. The first 40K on the road. I picked up an auld fella on the road and he did the road bit with me chatting away in some language or other. Lovely guy, but I did not understand a word.

Once I dropped him off the rough stuff started, and it really did see me on my limit. A 250 would have been easier, very happy with how the Honda 500 handled it though. The really tricky stuff I did not get pictures of as if I had stopped I might not have got started again.

I picked my day for it though, unfortunately there was a group of thirty plus French buggies doing the same track so I had to stop to let them hoon past me, not a care in the world on them. Actually though, as it turned out, some of the sections were so technical I was happy they were there as if I had a problem they could of helped me out.

Once I got back to a tarred road I was in Tourza, and heading for Nkob one hundred K away so I rode at 100KMH to get there, I was worried I would run out of time for the last bit. I was wrong though the last mountain road was all tarmac so I got back easily for 4PM.

This, or at least the first 100 and the last 80 is some of the best riding I have ever done, fair play to Morocco…

Belgians in the desert

Today Thursday the 9th of November I did a circuit without my bags, from Erfoud to Merzouga, then on to Taouz to get to the end of the road, as it were. There I did a uturn and came back on my self to Merzouga and on to Rissani, I continued on to visit Gara Medour.

Between Erfoud and Merzouga, fortunately I met up with seven Belgian lads, I am sorry I can only remember Dominics name, but they allowed me to tag on with them for two hours and we went off road for a while. The smaller bikes had it easy compared to the bigger bikes.

Once we split up, I lunched and did the rest myself.

Sorry the images are not in order, my tablet seems to mix them up and I can’t figure out why.