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Allihies a charming little village on the end of the Beara Peninsula, known for the only cable car in Ireland, the copper mining of the 19th century and quite simply its beauty . Here lots of photos and photography of the region.

Spin in Morocco

Spin in Morocco, well today when I woke up after my second night in Boumalne, I really did not feel like moving on. So after a chat with Yidir a local guy I made a plan to ride from Boumalne around a loop which included a long section of off road.

This was the first section of the day, and it was fantastic. The first 40K on the road. I picked up an auld fella on the road and he did the road bit with me chatting away in some language or other. Lovely guy, but I did not understand a word.

Once I dropped him off the rough stuff started, and it really did see me on my limit. A 250 would have been easier, very happy with how the Honda 500 handled it though. The really tricky stuff I did not get pictures of as if I had stopped I might not have got started again.

I picked my day for it though, unfortunately there was a group of thirty plus French buggies doing the same track so I had to stop to let them hoon past me, not a care in the world on them. Actually though, as it turned out, some of the sections were so technical I was happy they were there as if I had a problem they could of helped me out.

Once I got back to a tarred road I was in Tourza, and heading for Nkob one hundred K away so I rode at 100KMH to get there, I was worried I would run out of time for the last bit. I was wrong though the last mountain road was all tarmac so I got back easily for 4PM.

This, or at least the first 100 and the last 80 is some of the best riding I have ever done, fair play to Morocco…