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Gond Art exhibition in the 8 Cows Gallery, Allihies

Gond Art exhibition in the 8 Cows Gallery, Allihies, when two small rural villages create a link amazing things can happen. Nadette came across the Gond Tribe people in the village of Patangarh a few years ago and since then has been helping them to maintain their way of life by buying art from them and then selling it on again in Ireland. All money made outside of mounts, frames delivery is then  sent to India. The opening of the show was done by Cormac Boydell.

Watch the opening here below

This year in February 2023 Nadette visited the village for the third time and the first since Covid, the villagers were very happy to see her and below is a film of that visit.

Please call in any day from now until the 5 June between 1300 and 1800 to see the exhibition of unique art from India.

Gond Art exhibition in the 8 Cows Gallery, Allihies

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India two months and 200 Photos

India two months and 200 Photos (three a day) which I have selected from all my photos taken with a Fuji XT4 and either the XF27 or XF18-55.

Three of these photos have been slightly cropped the others are all out of the camera. All have been processed slightly in Capture One.

India two months and 200 Photos


Palolem and Gokarna





Madhya Pradesh and Santosh





Mumbai on the way home

I also put together two films of interest,  a visit to Patangarh for the Gond Art Tribe.

the Ganges from Varanasi

Thanks for any feedback, I hope you enjoyed the photos.


Dursey Island Cable Car Closure 2022

Dursey Island Cable car closure will be on the first of April, the closure is expected to last through until October. In reality there is a good chance that the Island will be inaccessible for a lot longer than that. I visited the island to meet some of the farmers and spoke to some of the local people who would be regular visitors to the island to hear and film their thoughts on the closure as well as the future plans for a bigger service and its impact on the island.

Watch the 20 minute video here below

Many thanks to Joe Sullivan, Gerald Murphy, Paul O’Shea, Anne Mc Nally, James Sheehan and David Dudley for their participation in the film.
I can only hope that the contractor and funding for the job are found soon as it is going to be a long time coming.

This film was made by myself simply as a historical archive for future reference I received no funding or remuneration for my work, which amounts to many hours of filming and editing. All done with Fujifilm cameras and some DJI Drone footage at 4k resolution.

Also thanks are due to Carina Mc Nally, Jerome Dwyer, Michelle Dudley, Patricia Sheehan and Nadette Charlet.

Of course Copyright is by definition attached to the film.


PS Any other stories or events happening, let me know.

Dursey Island Cable Car Closure 2022

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