Nealie O’Sullivan Book Launch

Nealie O’Sullivan Book Launch “Living on the Edge”, was in the Allihies Mine Museum on Sunday the 27th of October. An incredible turn out of people came to the launch of Nealie’s book. Cormac Boydell gave an introductory talk on the book which is now available from Nealie and Veronica for 15€.

Watch a short film of the book launch here

Nealie O’Sullivan Book Launch

Monica, Nealie and Veronica
Monica, Nealie and Veronica
Veronica and Tara
Richie, Veronica and Nealie
Marion, Eily, Veronica and Nealie
Group shot

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Allihies Mines Collapse part two

Allihies Mines Collapse part two, as it already happened not much further away just a few years back. The floors part of Allihies has many old shafts and with all the rain that we have had erosion has brought about another collapse. This time it has taken a bit of the road away with it. The road in question is closed and maybe for quite some time….

Allihies Mines Collapse part two, short video below

And some images

The last image shows the new hole on the bottom left, the previous hole top right and an older one top middle right. Should be possible looking at old maps to survey the area easily enough.

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