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Dooneen Mine Allihies

Our Beara 3K a day walk took us on a return trip to Dooneen. Which was the first place where Copper was extracted in the 19th Century. The initial adit went in from the sea shore and is still visible today, it actually goes through to the beach on the other side, however it is now blocked…. The Dooneen mine later had an engine pump house built, as it was always full of water. The mine never made a profit and was closed down. The engine house was demolished and the stone was used to build a local house.
There are some beautiful rocks and cliffs down there, amazing.
Thanks for all the likes and shares and especially the comments. A good few hours goes into the making of one of these films.
Cheers, Slainte and stay safe.

Watch the video here below

Another film of the area from above

Dooneen Mine Allihies

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Balydonegan’s and the Mines

Today we’re not sure we made distance on the Beara 3K a day, we went down to Balydonegan at low tide to film a few things to make this film. A few years back we were volunteering on a survey about the Allihies mines, here within are a few things that we learnt and summised with the help of Theo Dahlke who was the caretaker at the Allihies Mine Museum at the time.
Way over budget on this film, all the way to 2 minutes plus, I hope you enjoy the images and the history.
There are a lot of things to do and see if you just open your eyes.
Stay safe.

Watch the film here

Balydonegan and its connection with the Copper Mines

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