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Allihies Mines Hack

Allihies Mines Hack  –  Laurenzia and Salvador
Laurenzia takes a hack up through the Allihies Hills to see the old Allihies Mines left over from the 1800’s. Salvador the Irish Cob was a little reluctant but they had a good time. The film was made with a Fuji Camera and a DJI drone. I rode my bicycle ahead of them to get the different shots.

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Dooneen Copper Mine

Dooneen Copper Mine on the Beara Peninsula near the picturesque village of Allihies. It was the first of the copper mines to open up in the area in the early 19th century. Here is a little video I made to practice my video making skills. Promoting Beara and getting people to make it as far as here….

Watch the short video about the Dooneen Copper Mine Below

This video was shot on a zero budget.

Dooneen Copper Mine

dooneen copper mine





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Choughs Allihies Mines

Choughs Allihies Mines a protected bird which is known as the friendly crow rearing their chicks mainly on sea cliff areas but also in the mine shafts of the old Copper Mines of Allihies on the Beara Peninsula. Recently I was contacted by Carol who used to work at the museum. She was keen to do a one hour survey of the comings and goings of the birds as part of a statistical survey for Ireland. Nationally these birds have been declining so it is important to keep up the counting of them to see how they are doing. We spent a nice afternoon counting birds in and out of the shafts and seeing if they were carrying food or cleaning out nests. We did not see any chicks but they can be heard screeching for food fairly easily. Very worthwhile thing to do.

Choughs Allihies Mines

Allihies Man Engine

Allihies and Balydonegan

Man Engine










Choughs Allihies Mines

Coming up soon, if anyone is interested is a free one day course to be held locally on identifying butterfly’s. You do not need to be an expert as this course will show you all you need to know if interested feel free to email Carol here. Dates to be confirmed.

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