Garnish Bride

Garnish Bride the Lehanmore Community Centre Pantomime of 2014. A great bit of fun for the Christmas period, fully sold out on four nights. Billy Griffin wrote the script with help from Carina Jeisy.

Practising every week since the month of October, all the actors had a great time and the elves enjoyed themselves too. I wonder what we can do to top this in 2015…

Watch a shorter version of the Pantomime here. “Garnish Bride”

Garnish Bride



































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Garnish GAA Dinner Dance

Garnish GAA Dinner Dance was held on the 28 th of December in the Allihies Community hall. A great turnout attended the event to celebrate the year in style.

Garnish GAA Dinner Dance

If anybody wants an original file just get in touch with me and we can sort that out. Alternatively I can get them printed in Bantry and delivered to Allihies. The images on this site have all been reduced in size, as that is the way the Internet works.

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Cahermore National School

Cahermore National School is looking to save the teacher recently lost due to the government spending cuts. Paudie, Paul and Finbarr drove up to Dublin to meet the minister of education.  We  made this video which Paudie did the voice over for, to introduce the school and area.

Watch the three minute video below

Cahermore National School

A Central Hub in a community fighting for survival

Cahermore National School is a small school in the Allihies Parish on the Western tip of the Beara Peninsula. The school was built in 1979 following the amalgamation of three local schools; Cahermore NS, Lehanmore NS, and Cluin NS (Allihies Village).

Up until this year Cahermore N.S. had 3 classrooms. Due to drastic cuts in pupil-teacher ratio to small school of Ireland we now have two classroom teachers in the school; Mr. Padraig O’Sullivan (Principal) teaching 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes, and Mrs. Siobhan O’Driscoll (Deputy Principal)  teaching Junior Infants, Senior Infants 1st and 2nd classes.  Nuala O’Neill is our part time Learning Support Teacher.

While Mr. Niall O’Sullivan is based at Cahermore N.S., he spends most of his week covering Resource teaching hours and Principal Release days in other Beara schools.

We are still fighting against these cutbacks. Losses such as this have detrimental effects on population regeneration of an already struggling parish, not to mention the negative effects on diversity of pupil education.

Cahermore National School

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