Balydonegan’s and the Mines

Today we’re not sure we made distance on the Beara 3K a day, we went down to Balydonegan at low tide to film a few things to make this film. A few years back we were volunteering on a survey about the Allihies mines, here within are a few things that we learnt and summised with the help of Theo Dahlke who was the caretaker at the Allihies Mine Museum at the time.
Way over budget on this film, all the way to 2 minutes plus, I hope you enjoy the images and the history.
There are a lot of things to do and see if you just open your eyes.
Stay safe.

Watch the film here

Balydonegan and its connection with the Copper Mines

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Anthony’s Point one sunny day

Made another trip to Anthony’s point, it was not the plan. Saw the same pair of birds again so sat down and tried filming them from a distance, luckily there is little wind noise, so no music on the film just pure nature and pure Beara, hopefully you’ll feel like your there with us. Enjoy, stay safe.

Added music to this version of the film….

Watch the film here, enjoy

Anthony’s Point one sunny day

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Beara 3K a day walk 9

Today we walked up through the Mines area of Allihies. Up the pig track seeing remains of old houses, even only a fireplace, now in a wall of a field. Engravings possibly left behind by an apprentice next to drill holes and bolts. Then further up on the mines road until we kept straight on up the hill when the road goes to it’s right. At this point there is a dug out area where in the mining days the water could be turned from one channel to another depending on where the water was needed. Further on we come to an old dam wall, but it no longer holds the water.
We then rejoined the mine road and came back down it until a path which goes through to the Man engine where there are a few choughs. Crow like birds with red beaks. Rare in the UK but fairly common around the cliffs and mine shafts of Allihies.
Enjoy the walk.

Watch the video here, enjoy

Beara 3K a day walk 9

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