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Derreen Garden

Derreen Garden located in Lauragh on the Beara Peninsula. Website here, this is the first in a series of films that we will be making this year about “Beara People and Places”. We visited the Garden for just a few hours and shot all the clips in one visit. There was no acting out of scenes it was a case of running after the gardeners as they were working. The gardens are maintained by two full time gardeners and two part timers also come along in the afternoons. The garden is well worth visiting any time of the year and are spectacular.

Watch a short video of the Gardens and Gardeners here, enjoy

Derreen Garden

derreen garden

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Whales and Dolphins

Whales and Dolphins have been around and lucky for some, Patrick Lyne from the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group organised a boat and a group of people got to go out for two hours to see the beautiful creatures. 5 Humpback whales, Minke Whale and a few hundred common dolphins. As well as numerous sea birds. The 12 people on the boat had a great time and saw some truly fantastic animals.

And a second trip out with an underwater camera to add some clips to the film, Basking Shark and Dolphins

Watch a short video here from Nadette Charlet

Whales and Dolphins

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Passage to South India

Passage to South India by Nadette a two month trip re-replenishing mind and body in beautiful South India. From Kerala to Mysore to Hampi and then Gokarna. As well as many other places. Planes, Trains, Buses and Auto rickshaws.  Monkeys to Elephants and lots of people too. A sixteen minute movie of Indian scenes. Well worth the watch.

Filmed entirely on a Motorola Smartphone, the Moto E

Watch the movie here now, enjoy

Passage to South India

passage to south india

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