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The Beara Peninsula is a spectacular peninsula. One of the fingers of land jutting out of the south west corner of Ireland in Munster. It is saved of all the hustle and bustle that can be found in Kerry, simply as it is not possible to drive around in a coach. Here lots of photos and photography of the region.

Ten Degrees West

Ten Degrees West on the Beara Peninsula, a few minutes of clips of film of interesting sights on the Beara. The clips are shot within a few miles of the picturesque village of Allihies. The village is situated right on the end of the peninsula along the Wild Atlantic Way.

NEW – A one minute version from 2019 – NEW

Ten Degrees West, Allihies, Beara Peninsula

A film from before, shortened to one minute, a few shots from around Allihies which is ten degrees west of Greenwhich. Enjoy

Posted by Beara Peninsula on Monday, 29 April 2019

Watch the film below, enjoy

Ten Degrees West

So Balooz has invested in another camera this time on a Quad copter. The aim is to enhance our films with the aerial clips but not ultimately to shoot exclusively from the air. A film needs to tell a story. To do this normal cameras and microphones remain the best option. Plus our ability to shoot underwater has us covering all eventualities… Please get in touch with us if you need a film shot, publicity, documentary, wedding etc.

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ten degrees west

The film got a mention on RTE 1 John Creedon show which was nice of him. As always if you have got this far please click the social media buttons to share our work, thanks

Beara Charity Cycle 2016

Beara Charity Cycle 2016 has been announced for the 16th of July. What makes the Beara Charity Cycle so great is that it is organised fully by volunteers and is a non profit event, all of the money made by the participants paying their 50€ to take part goes to four local charities.

This is the sixth year that the event is being held and over the years this event has succeeded in raising 65000€ for local charities. The participants always have a great time and the routes are spectacular.

Watch a short video here of route two which shows some of the spectacular scenery.

Beara Charity Cycle 2016

Route one goes from Castletownbere around the Healy pass going up the North side and back to town. It is 51 KM.

Route two goes from Castletownbere West to Allihies back towards Eyeries and Lauragh over the Healey Pass and back to town. It is 81.3 KM.

Beara Charity Cycle 2016

Route three, is a combination of the route two followed by route one and arrives at 136.3 KM.

Check out the website of Beara Charity Cycle for more details, and please sign up for this prestige event.


Dees Wholefoods Videos

Dees Wholefoods Videos have been great fun to make, nice to see a young business doing so well. We started off in July with the “Dee’s Irish Summer Holiday’ video. Dee used the VW Campervan as a publicity vehicle driving herself around the south west of Ireland.

Then we made a very short 40 second video on the proper technique of cooking the tasty “Dee’s Wholefood Sausages”, they are so good and cooking them following this video makes them perfect.

Over the last weekend we shot the “Dee’s VegDucken Roast” video which would be the perfect Christmas dinner for Vegans or Vegetarians.

Dees Wholefoods Videos

dees wholefoods videos

See Dee’s Wholefoods website at

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