Beara Motorcycling

Beara Motorcycling a 220 km route that takes in the Beara peninsula and inland towards kilgarvan Ballingeary and Durrus, done on a nice Easter Saturday with my friend Chris from , leaving Allihies and taking the quickest route on the North side of the Beara to Kenmare and a short stop in Café Moka for breakfast. It was busy in Kenmare so we headed off sharpish up the main road towards Kilgarvan and further, and then took a twisted set of boreens to Kealkill and further on to Durrus, the aim being to cross the countryside and getting to Durrus avoiding Bantry. Of course it takes a lot longer but some stunning scenery and roads. Cup of tea in Durrus and then a blast back to Allihies on the south side of the Beara. Nice day out took 2 hours to ride the 80KM from Kenmare to Durrus only stopping for some photos.

Beara Motorcycling

Beara Motorcycling

near balyvourney

Durrus tea breakbeara mororcycling




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Southgate madness

Southgate madness the family walk about in the hills of Allihies looking at the old copper mines. Seeing the explosives building looking at the engine houses etc. A lovely summer day with a bit of a breeze to keep them cool as they were walking up and down the hills. The copper mines in Allihies Started in 1812 and finished after multiple tries in the late nineteen fifties.

Southgate madness

allihies man engine
Allihies Man Engine


Explosive store room
Explosive store room





southgate madness
Rachel, Vicky, Chris, Bradley and Mark Southgate on pig street, Allihies Copper Mines

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Allihies Gorse Fire

Allihies Gorse Fire, coming home from Castletownbere and passing over Barnes gap to the surprise view of a fire on the hills over Allihies. I was late for a dinner invitation so quickly took a few shots and then went out again after dinner for some more shots from near the near the “Man Engine” of the old copper mines. Very impressive sight.

The fire brigade came out from town and had it out very quickly in what seemed to be very difficult terrain, fair play to the team.

Allihies Gorse Fire

Allihies Gorse Fire

Watch a short video….












Went out the following day and just took three photos of the leftovers.




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