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Blind Bus 32 Cataract Story

Thanks again to Michael Collins, eye number two sorted out in Belfast. It is a long trip I left at six AM on Friday morning, Michael Collins himself picked me up from Bantry and drove me via Clonakilty for more patients and then on to Cork. I got home last night at midnight after John Collins picking us up again and driving me back to Bantry. A mighty effort.

Delighted to say, I now have two eyes working as they should.
Thanks again.

A trip up to Belfast for up to 14 people each time. To have cataracts removed. It is a fairly simple procedure. However due to chronic problems the HSE are having due mainly to mismanagement by consecutive FG and FF parties people are having to do a 40 hour round trip to a private hospital in Belfast. They do a great job, and I wonder if they can do it there and make money out of it, why can’t it be done here…
Thanks to Michael Collins for County Cork and the Healy Rae’s for Kerry many people have now had the operation without having to wait years…

Watch the Cataract Bus 32 video here


Blind Bus 32 Cataract Story

Before, unable to see detail and everything clouded over.

After operation can see much more detail and definition.

My personal view on elections in Ireland, is things need to change, local or national any time a vote is given to FG or FF we are just voting for the mess to continue. It is my view you don’t need to agree with me.

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