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Dees Wholefoods Videos

Dees Wholefoods Videos have been great fun to make, nice to see a young business doing so well. We started off in July with the “Dee’s Irish Summer Holiday’ video. Dee used the VW Campervan as a publicity vehicle driving herself around the south west of Ireland.

Then we made a very short 40 second video on the proper technique of cooking the tasty “Dee’s Wholefood Sausages”, they are so good and cooking them following this video makes them perfect.

Over the last weekend we shot the “Dee’s VegDucken Roast” video which would be the perfect Christmas dinner for Vegans or Vegetarians.

Dees Wholefoods Videos

dees wholefoods videos

See Dee’s Wholefoods website at http://deeswholefoods.com/

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