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Dursey Island Festival 2023 a story of Arm Wrestling, Singing and Drink….

The Dursey Island Festival of 2023 a story of Arm Wrestling, Singing and Drink…. Ann Finch did a great job organising again a festival on Dursey Island. A good turn out of people came and enjoyed an early mass, after which there was a bbq with plenty of food and drink. There could have been a few more people there, however a technical issue meant the cable car was out of action for a good part of the afternoon, fortunately Denis came over on his boat to pick a few people up. Christian organised an arm wrestling tournament which was very interesting, especially when the women started their competition. Which was won by Julia Jeisy Mcnally from Garnish.

Watch the video here below

After the arm wrestling more food and drink with some excellent singing and music playing outside until the late hours. A few folk gathered in one of the houses to continue on into the early hours, we will be back.

Thanks to all involved in making it such a great occasion.

The Dursey Island Festival of 2023 a story of Arm Wrestling, Singing and Drink….

Time Stamps
00:00 Intro
00:05 No Cable Car
01:33 Arm Wrestling
07:35 Singing

Allihies Ireland

Allihies Ireland, let it “Cast a Spell” on you. A song by Pat Higgins which he recorded at shotgun studios Reentrisk, Beara Co. Cork.

This is the full length video of Pat’s song about Allihies Ireland made after the huge success of the popular short version. There are twice as many video clips on this version so watch it until the end and you might see your self. I can name about 80 people in the video, but there are many more.

Watch the full length version of “Cast a Spell”

Allihies Ireland

As can be seen in the video Allihies is a fantastic place to come and stay. Plenty of options for accommodation and food. As well a huge range of activities from the easy going walk to extreme sports.

This film was shot by balooz.com and produced by irishwordpress.com

allihies ireland

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