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Fibre Powering a Community

Fibre Powering a Community, Balooz was commissioned by “Beara Tourism” to make a film with the help of some local and enterprising volunteers. The aim was to  help the Parish of Allihies hopefully win the Eir competition to be the first small community to get high speed broadband. Unfortunately and despite the film being accepted by the committee involved, the film was later modified very badly with clips used from RTE probably without their permission. Also other bits of video were added without the consent of Balooz or even for that matter the committee. Even to the point of removing the name Balooz from the film and their copyright notices. This was so wrong a new film could be made about the story. Such a disappointment that some body felt they had the right to ignore respect and decency and do what they like with total disregard for the local community and committee members. Not really the way a small community should be treated. The film has been removed from The Eir Website after the competition had finished. The original film is here to be seen.

Watch the Balooz film here

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Fibre Powering a Community

Fibre Powering a Community


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