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Ten Degrees West

Ten Degrees West on the Beara Peninsula, a few minutes of clips of film of interesting sights on the Beara. The clips are shot within a few miles of the picturesque village of Allihies. The village is situated right on the end of the peninsula along the Wild Atlantic Way.

NEW – A one minute version from 2019 – NEW

Ten Degrees West, Allihies, Beara Peninsula

A film from before, shortened to one minute, a few shots from around Allihies which is ten degrees west of Greenwhich. Enjoy

Pubblicato da Beara Peninsula su Lunedì 29 aprile 2019

Watch the film below, enjoy

Ten Degrees West

So Balooz has invested in another camera this time on a Quad copter. The aim is to enhance our films with the aerial clips but not ultimately to shoot exclusively from the air. A film needs to tell a story. To do this normal cameras and microphones remain the best option. Plus our ability to shoot underwater has us covering all eventualities… Please get in touch with us if you need a film shot, publicity, documentary, wedding etc.

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ten degrees west

The film got a mention on RTE 1 John Creedon show which was nice of him. As always if you have got this far please click the social media buttons to share our work, thanks

Flying Beara Peninsula

Flying Beara Peninsula is a guest post from Pete who had the chance to fly around the Beara Peninsula with Ted. All photos were taken and owned by Pete. So a set of words from Pete with help from his PR man Mick.

I’d never been in a small plane before, but, reassured by the pilot’s uniform and knowing that Ted would be doing the flying, I settled down in the back seat of the Cessna 172 “Echo Oscar Romeo”. Before we took off, I texted my next of kin and others that we would be flying over Allihies at 14h08 and to be ready to wave from the ground. I never thought Ireland could look like this: apart from the obvious shades of green, the blues, the magentas, turquoise… were an unexpected delight. Coming over Goula  was very bumpy, but it was interesting to fly over somewhere that was so familiar and yet see it in such an unaccustomed way. I was aware that there were people on the ground who were waiting for us to fly over them. My 5-year-old daughter swore that she saw me hanging out of the plane waving at her; several others, more realistically, waved at us as we passed over them. I would just like to say thanks to all the specks on the land who waved at us, it was a heart warming moment from up above. Flyining .Beara Peninsula is a fantastic thing to do, you just need to find your own Ted.

Flying Beara Peninsula

Flying Beara Peninsula


Flying Beara Peninsula



Roaring Water Bay





Castletownbere and Dinnish Island





Barnes Gap





Dursey Sound


Looking back towards Allihies on the way to Garnish



Garnish Beaches


Dursey Island











Small film of the landing at Cork Airport after a two hour flight

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Thanks to Pete for the write up and as always please click the share buttons so others can see the photos too