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Google maps needs a good kick up the backside

Google maps needs a good kick up the backside, Another Google Maps night mare for these lads today, I guess it is up to 2 a month by now. I have myself reported it to Google 11 months ago, but they keep sending people down the Company scout, Allihies, Beara Peninsula. An easy solution would be for a sign saying no vehicles but that seems to be too difficult to achieve, as for the billion dollar enterprise that is Google, they will stop your service if you forget to pay a dollar, but don’t have the resources to correct very serious problems with their mapping. This has now totted up to thousands of euros of damage to vans, cars and their bodywork and clutches. Time for something to happen. As well as drivers using a bit of their own common sense…

Watch a video here below

Thankfully, like every time, a local farmer with a tractor comes along to save the day.

In this screen shot three routes from Google Maps from Castletownbere to Allihies, only one of them is possible in a car or van.

Google maps needs a good kick up the backside, photos

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