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Plain crane madness

Plain crane madness down at the pier in Balydonegan. For years there was a perfectly serviceable wooden crane. Anybody could use to lift out their boat preceding a storm or at the end of the summer season. This eventually was replaced with a galvanised steel crane which was equally effective but would last a lot more years due to its construction techniques. In fact it would probably still be there today. However some bright spark decided that what worked for decades was not good enough. Lets replace what works with a high tech hydraulic crane and its control box. Total price probably in excess of 100000 Euros.

So along came the engineers and the technicians to install this wonderful new crane. A local fisherman suggested moving the control box higher up than it was. He was ignored. Result after the first storm the crane broke down due to a flooded control box. Along came the clever technical guys and moved the control box to an extra added expense.

Next winter came along and smashed the whole crane into a broken eyesore. It no longer works and cost the tax payer almost certainly in excess of 100K Euro. Maybe they would be kind enough to come back and give the pier back its galvanised crane, that withstood all the elements could throw at it and only needed a bit of grease.

Plain crane madness

Plain crane madness
The crane today unusable with smashed control levers
Broken levers and cut hydraulics
The control box back from the pier
An example of the flooding


The storms this year were very bad but the crane has not been working for quite sometime. Actually for the months that it worked it probably calculates to 10000 Euros a month.

Short video of storm.

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