Jaisalmer Desert Fort

So we were supposed to be on a train from Bikaner to Jaipur, but it got  cancelled. Fortunately we were able to book in the last few minutes before departure a train to Jaisalmer in the desert not too far from Pakistan. We stayed for a few nights before heading on to Jodhpur where we just stayed one night before heading to Udaipur.

On the way to Udaipur from Jodhpur we stopped off at a small temple for motorcyclists and then maybe the best example of a Jain temple in India.

Watch Jaisalmer day one in 60 seconds

Jaisalmer day two in 60 seconds

We left Jaisalmer and took a five hour bus to Jodhpur

Jodhpur to Udaipur in 60 seconds

Jaisalmer Desert Fort

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