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Jaisalmer Desert Fort

So we were supposed to be on a train from Bikaner to Jaipur, but it got  cancelled. Fortunately we were able to book in the last few minutes before departure a train to Jaisalmer in the desert not too far from Pakistan. We stayed for a few nights before heading on to Jodhpur where we just stayed one night before heading to Udaipur.

On the way to Udaipur from Jodhpur we stopped off at a small temple for motorcyclists and then maybe the best example of a Jain temple in India.

Watch Jaisalmer day one in 60 seconds

Jaisalmer day two in 60 seconds

We left Jaisalmer and took a five hour bus to Jodhpur

Jodhpur to Udaipur in 60 seconds

Jaisalmer Desert Fort

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Looking for Jodhpurs

After nine days in Pushkar I was looking for some adventure so I decided to head off to Jodhpur. Last time I was there was 8 years previously on my birthday. Jodhpur is a lovely busy town with plenty to do and see.

Watch the video of my trip to Jodhpur

The first day in Jodhpur looking around

Found this Locksmith who has one of the tiniest shops ever

If you eat meat you should be prepared to kill it, or at least see how it is killed, not nice but real

Last day in Jodhpur before heading off to Bikaner

I also managed to do another 29 year photo gap….

Same barber same shop same me, well almost.

Looking for Jodhpurs

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Bere Island

Bere Island one of the islands of the South West coast of Ireland in County Cork. A great place to visit with many interesting things to do and see.

Watch the video below for an insight to the Island

Lets hope the Island and the other non-Irish speaking islands can keep their funding for the future.

Nouveau, maintenant en Français egalement….

This is a promotion Beara post on a “Zero Euro Budget”, in that, it did not cost anything. However 8.15 Euro was spent on tea and biscuits, 16 Euro on petrol and 16 Euro on the ferry fare. Plus 26 hours of work.

Sonia O’Sullivan will be visiting Bere Island soon to do their Parkrun. Thanks To Helen and John for giving me some time and information on my two trips to Bere Island.

Bere Island





bere island
seen from Hungry Hill


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