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Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever here in Allihies in Wesht Cork, a cabin that has been on a site for years suddenly disappeared today. No one seems to know where it has gone and the leftovers of its contents are up in flames.

Watch a short film about the disappearance of the cabin

Cabin Fever

cabin fever
The cabin in happier years
Possible tracks from the truck that took the cabin
The contents in flames


This post is obviously a joke so please don’t take it too seriously, thanks … 😉

24 hours later

The saga continues, another 24 hours later and the whole place has been cleaned up and tidied, you’d never believe that the cabin had ever been there……

All cleared up, not a trace of the old Cabin

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Allihies Gorse Fire

Allihies Gorse Fire, coming home from Castletownbere and passing over Barnes gap to the surprise view of a fire on the hills over Allihies. I was late for a dinner invitation so quickly took a few shots and then went out again after dinner for some more shots from near the near the “Man Engine” of the old copper mines. Very impressive sight.

The fire brigade came out from town and had it out very quickly in what seemed to be very difficult terrain, fair play to the team.

Allihies Gorse Fire

Allihies Gorse Fire

Watch a short video….












Went out the following day and just took three photos of the leftovers.




site by richie hodges

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