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Irish Atlantic Seaweed Baths

Irish Atlantic Seaweed Baths when the weekend is as rough as it could possibly be, more like December than April, what a great idea to have a hot tub bath down at the pier at Balydonegan.

It was very cold running down to the pier from the van, but so nice to enjoy the heat and the seaweed…

Watch a short video here

Wild Atlantic Seaweed Baths, Cork, Ireland

Wild Atlantic Seaweed Bath in Allihies, freezing cold out but piping hot in. #seaweedbath #wildatlanticseaweedbaths #cork #allihies #beara #ireland #irland #irlande #irlanda #seaweed Music by BensoundFilm by Balooz

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Film by Balooz and Music by Bensound

Irish Atlantic Seaweed Baths


Photo by Ken Avey
Photo by Ken Avey

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Seaweed Control Survey

I received news about a seaweed survey going on near Adrigole. So I decided to get in my car and go and see what was going on. I am glad I did as the collective efforts of Coastwatch, Cork Environmental Forum and Cork Nature Network. Gave a very interesting visit.  A group of volunteers went to a series of rock pools and devised the plan of cleaning one completely of the invasive seaweed known as “Sargassum muticum” and leaving the other pool alone. They did that last autumn, today six months later the cleared pool is again being invaded by the seaweed but is a lot clearer than the one they left alone.

As I understand it the invasive Japanese seaweed probably came to Ireland with Oyster seeds that have been farmed here. The problem with the seaweed is that it fills rock pools and blocks out the sun, effectively stopping everything else in its path.

A great initiative and very interesting for the children that were there too.

Watch a video of the afternoon here below.

Invasive seaweed Control Survey

A group of volunteers go back to see what has happened to a control tide pool that was cleared of an invasive seaweed. "Sargassum muticum"Coastwatch, Cork Environmental Forum and Cork Nature Network

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Same again on Youtube

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