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Irish Atlantic Seaweed Baths

Irish Atlantic Seaweed Baths when the weekend is as rough as it could possibly be, more like December than April, what a great idea to have a hot tub bath down at the pier at Balydonegan.

It was very cold running down to the pier from the van, but so nice to enjoy the heat and the seaweed…

Watch a short video here


Film by Balooz and Music by Bensound

Irish Atlantic Seaweed Baths


Photo by Ken Avey
Photo by Ken Avey

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The last collection An Post Allihies

An Post Office Allihies, “The Last Collection” Allihies An Post Office, “The Last Collection”, filmed a while back and put together now that there are only a few months left. Good luck to Eily on her retirement when it happens. The village will be lost without the Post Office, I guess it is a case of being a business before a service….. Ireland will lose the furthest Post Office from Dublin, Allihies will lose a service and a social meeting point. Tourists will see the effects of dying villages on the “Wild Atlantic Way”….

Watch the video here, turn on the sound


The last collection An Post Allihies

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Balydonegan Waves

Balydonegan waves first winds of October rise up the sea to create some nice rolling wave. I used a very high shutter speed of 1/8000th of a second and an ISO of 400 to get these shots. Some of the shots are not as sharp as I would have liked and I put this down to the cheap lens I was using. The lens was on infinity setting so there should be a sharp spot on each image. The effects of the frozen sea are quite good though.

Balydonegan Waves



balydonegan waves
Manannán’s horses









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