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Ger Jerome Stone Mason

Ger Jerome Stone Mason at work on the Beara Peninsula. I decided to make a short video of Ger whilst he was working on the infamous “Dunboy Bends” . It would be nice if he did a voice over for it as he is the main character and it would help his video get more views.

Ger Jerome Stone Mason

Watch the short video of Ger Jerome here

ger jerome stone mason
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Roofing old shed

Roofing old shed in Allihies on the Beara peninsula. These old stone sheds need looking after so that the Irish countryside retains some of its farming heritage. Easy to knock down an old shed and rebuild a bigger and better one, but that means we lose some of the stone work that used to be so common in the old days. This shed only needed one side doing as the other side was replaced a few years ago as it receives more of the oncoming weather. Just need a nice fine day to repair the concrete at each end of the roof.

Roofing old shed

A short two minute speeded up video

Roofing old shed





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